My Bucket List

My initial list of things I want to accomplish as I live here on earth.

  1. Be a certified scuba diver –> Done! Feb 17, 2013 @ Dauin, Negros Oriental 🙂
  2. Learn how to motorbike
  3. Learn how to surf
  4. Learn how to paraglide
  5. Learn capoiera
  6. Experience skydiving
  7. Experience bungee jumping
  8. Dive Thubataha reef
  9. Spent entire 4 to 6 months backpacking the Philippines from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi
  10. Backpacking South East Asia
  11. Jump shot at Pangong Tso (India)
  12. Reach the summit of Kilimanjaro
  13. Backpacking Europe for 2 months or more!
  14. Drink some cocktail in one of the casino in Monacco
  15. Drink beer during Octoberfest in Germany
  16. Dinner the top of Eiffel Tower
  17. Take a picture of Aurora in Iceland
  18. Drink wine in Venice
  19. Experience cherry blossoms in Japan
  20. Play slot machine in Las Vegas
  21. Walk & party in the beach of Rio de Janeiro
  22. Lay back at the edge of Victoria Falls
  23. Visit each and every island in the Pacific Ocean
  24. Experience Caribbean Cruise
  25. Eat taco in Mexico
  26. Watch a concert at Redrocks
  27. Camp in Grand Canyon
  28. Watch whales in South Africa
  29. Celebrate new year in New York
  30. Drink beer at the top of the Great Pyramid
  31. Hike the legendary Inca trail of Peru
  32. Trek the Cordillera Blanca

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