Year 2014: A year of new adventures!

Babuyan_islands_enI am so excited of New Year! A lot of things happened this 2013, most of it is traveling of course, but the prospect of a fresh year ahead is surely make me want to seek more adventure. I am so glad to have felt this immense urge to go into the wild, the thirst to see new place and to enjoy the heat of the sun, the coldness of the mountain top, the beauty of the undersea and meeting new people. It’s an unexplainable feeling being outdoor, away from work and toxic ambiance of the metro.

There is something that changed in me though. I wanna share my experiences this time. I think I am done traveling solo. And in my recent adventure, I am learning and actually enjoy doing it with friends. Not that I did not have fun before alone, I really did, but for some change this year, I wanna see the places I’ve been longing to see with a set of friends who share the same passion I mine.

Here is some of my scheduled trip for 2014 and please let me know if you wanna join:

February 14 to 16 – Dumaguete, Philippines(part 3) for some diving
March ?? 2014 – Sagada Mountains, Philippines
April 2 to 6 – Jade Mountain, Taiwan
April 15 to 20 – Babuyan Island, Philippines

Of course that would be too few, but at least those are the “sure” trips I’ll have next year. There will be some hiking in between of course and some impromptu trips somewhere. I am also thinking of going to Baler, Polilio Island, Marinduque and Moal-Boal sometime in the 2nd half of the year. If I can afford it, I wanna dive more next year and see the beauty of the Philippine seas before its too late.

I just can’t wait for next year. New adventure, new places and new friends.

About Chris Dizon

I am traveler who seeks adventure. I climb mountains, dive deep in the ocean and walk in the cities. I can go alone but I can get well with a group. Come and join me in my travels.
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